Chapter Habitat Information & 2019 Seed Distribution Information
Pheasants Forever Helps Develop Michigan Pheasant Recovery Initiative

Genesee County Chapter contributed $1000 toward the new Michigan pheasant recovery project.



Pheasants Forever  

Pheasants Forever is an organization dedicated to the improvement of habitat for pheasants and other upland wildlife. Our organization consists of wildlife enthusiasts, sportsmen, sportswomen and youths interested in increasing the pheasant population in our county and across the country. We support our nations hunting heritage and the shooting sports. We annually organize a fund raising banquet to raise funds to purchase seed and plants to provide both food and cover for pheasants and other upland wildlife.

The Pheasants Forever Organization has been in existence 28 years and is arranged by chapters geographically by counties. Across the country Pheasants Forever has over 8,200 PF & QF members. There are 650 Pheasants Forever chapters and 100 Quail Forever chapters with 120,000 PF & QF members in the nation. In our state of Michigan, there are 36 Pheasant Forever chapters and on Quail Forever chapter.

What makes Pheasants Forever unique among habitat organizations is that the funds remain local and in fact, 93% are controlled at the chapter level.



Contact Pheasants Forever National Organization website to become a member:


Chapter's Mission and Officers

The Genesee County Chapter is in it's 26th year of operation, working to improve our counties pheasant and wildlife habitat. Our Chapter’s focus is to improve habitat, educate the public on the benefits of improving habitat for pheasants, and provide opportunities for our youth to experience hunting and the shooting sports as well as creating an enthusiasm for conservation.


Genesee County Chapter Officers and Board Members

Chapter Officers

Patrick Okopny                      President

Jeff Kubiak                            Vice President

Bill McCormick                      Treasurer

Jay Blair                                Secretary and Habitat Chairman

Board Members

Bill Higgins                             John Kupiec

Steve Kovacs                         Mac McGaffey


Marei Kubiak                          Larry Petrella






























































































































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