New Michigan Pheasant Initiative
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Pheasants Forever Helps Develop Michigan Pheasant Recovery Initiative

Genesee County Chapter contributed $1000 toward the new Michigan pheasant recovery project.


PF Workday on April 1, 2017 at the Lapeer State Game Area

Hi PF Members / Volunteers

This is a reminder for our PF Volunteer Workday, that we are going to make brush piles at the above location (see attached map below) on April 1. 

This site in on Farnsworth Rd in Lapeer County at a Lapeer State Game Area site. 
The meeting place is a DNR parking lot about 1/3 of a mile north of Coulter Rd and on the east side of Farnsworth Rd.

Lapeer and Genesee PF chapters will be offering a lunch after the work is completed.  We will provide hot dogs, chips, and cookies.  Water will be available as you work and at lunch.

If you plan to attend please inform me or Pat Okopny ( as he will turn in a list of names on Friday to PF national office  for the purpose of liability insurance.  If there is a mishap then they are covered. 

Be sure to bring chainsaw, gas and oil.  You should have gloves.  If you do not have a chain saw then a saw, tree lopper or hatchet to help remove limbs from trunks.

There will be fifteen trees to cut down, so we should easily be done by noon. 

Plan to be there around 9 a.m so we can start about 9:15 AM.

We also have a sign in sheet we have to use for the DNR Grant to verify our in-kind service in the grant.   

Thanks for your support,

Jay Blair
Genesee Chapter Habitat Chairman


The LSGA workday planned for 3/18/17 has been CANCELLED and RESCHEDULED for 4/1 and 4/8.

The workday planned for 3/18/17 has been CANCELLED and RESCHEDULED for 4/1 and 4/8.

The workday to create rabbit habitat, is now scheduled for Saturday 4/1 at the Farnsworth site If you would like to volunteer let us know. So we will know how many workers . We are bulding 15 brush piles, so it should not take as long as last year. I would like you at the site by 9 a.m. You must sign in on a volunteer sheet this year. You will be provided water during your work and a hotdog barbecue afterward.

If you have a chainsaw bring it along with gas and chain oil. If you do not have a chainsaw bring gloves and maybe handsaw of some kind to help with sawing limbs. Otherwise you can help make the brush pile while the chainsaw is cutting limbs.

All volunteers are needed again on 4/8 we will have a 2nd workday at the Huckleberry Circle site below:
The location is 1.5 miles west of M24 on Columbiaville Rd in Lapeer County. If you come from Columbiaville on Columbiaville Rd. it will be about 3.5 4 miles east of Columbiaville.

Look for Huckleberry Circle on the South Side of Columbiaville Rd. You will drive through the subdivision to the end of Huckleberry Circle.

(Email  if you need information and or plan to help)


2017 Spring Seed Distribution Date 

2017 Spring Seed Distribution 

Our first seed distribution on Sat. May 6, 2017 for our PF Members is currently planned for May 6, 2017,  at the Gander Mt. Store, 5038 Miller Rd. Flint.

Our second distribution date is on May 20, 2017. The seco nd distribution date is open to the public.

(Dates are subject to change based on the delivery of the seed)

Note: watch for our habitat information on our website: and                                                                                            


NAME __________________________________________ COUNTY _________________
ADDRESS _________________________________________________________________
CITY ______________________________ ZIP __________________
PHONE _____________________________ MEMBERSHIP NUMBER __________________
You may request up to 10 acres of food plot seed. All seed request are subject to availability. Ten acres of food plot seed is adequate for 80-100 acres of good nesting/roosting cover. Grass seed may be available on a project basis. Genesee Chapter has be awarded a grant to improve Lapeer State Game Area for pheasant and small game habitat; therefore, the grass seed fund is allocated for this project.
CORN​​​_________​​CLOVER/TIMOTHY MIX​_________
GRAIN SORGHUM​_________​​
MICHIGAN MIX​_________​​
There is a no-till drill for use to plant any of the seed listed above. There is a fee for the use of the drill which covers drill upkeep and mileage to move the drill. CRP/SAFE seed mixes, PF grass mixes, or PF signature food plot mixes contact Jay. Questions and drill use can be directed to Jay at 810-635-7988 or   

Associate Membership                                                 Associate Membership


As a PF Associate you will receive:
  • PHEASANTS FOREVER magazine, which is published five times a year and features stories on upland bird hunting, guns, sporting dogs, habitat improvement projects, environmental issues, legislative action and other outdoor interests.
  • Window decal featuring Pheasants Forever logo.
  • Membership card for easy identification.
  • As a member of PF, have confidence your contributions ARE making a difference on the ground for wildlife and to future generations. Pheasants Forever and sister organization Quail Forever have converted your membership dollars into over 8 million acres of wildlife habitat.




2015 Formed a Partnership with Lapeer and St. Clair PF Chapters, Michigan DNR and Lapeer Conservation District...


Our grant request for Lapeer State Game area habitat project we submitted along with Lapeer and St. Clair chapters was approved for $44189, $5061 less than the requested $49250. 

Each chapter committed $2500 in cash to get the $44189 grant funding ( 5.9 :1 match). 

Chapter is working with the Lapeer Chapter of Pheasants Forever and partnered with Lapeer and St. Clair Chapters then submitted a request for a grant from the DNR to improve and increase the pheasant habitat in the Lapeer State Game Area. With the help of our PF Regional Rep , Bill Vander Zouwen we are planning to work with the Conservation District and the DNR to submit a grant request with the DNR, for habitat improvement. The desired result is to make a significant improvement to the pheasant habitat in an area that is available for public hunting.

I will continue to keep you informed of the progress, as we work on the project into the spring.

These are photos show our prelimainary prep work and the PF and Young Marines that volunteered to help with the project. 


Lapper State Game Area being prepared to seed

Boom axe work. Did a very nice job of cleaning up the fields.


Genesee and Lapeer Chapter PF Volunteers on Workday 1


Work Day 2

Genesee and Lapeer Chapter PF Volunteers and Young Marines Volunteered to help us.