New Michigan Pheasant Initiative
Pheasants Forever Helps Develop Michigan Pheasant Recovery Initiative

Genesee County Chapter contributed $1000 toward the new Michigan pheasant recovery project.

2015 Surplus Seed Available ...Last Chance for Seed

We have surplus seed remaining at no cost, and the seed is available to the general public.  First come first serve!

Our remaining inventory as of 6/5/15 is:

Nesting cover - 12  one acre bags

Switch grass   - 8    two acre bags

Sorghum         - 7    eight acre bags

Round Ready Corn - 7  four acre bags

Michigan Mix - 5   two acre bags

If you have interest in this seed or questions contact our Habitat Chairman, Jay Blair at

Note: Watch our website ( or our facebook page ( for chapter information. 

       Do You Need a Planter? Our chapter does have a no-till drill to rent.  It is a 6 foot Great Plains drill.  It can plant food plots, warm season grass, switch grass and nesting cover.  It cost $125 for the first ten acres and $6/acre above the ten acres.  If the ground has been tilled, this planter will still work.  The drill needs about a 50 horsepower tractor with hydraulics.  The hydraulics raises and lowers the drill to make corners and turns.  If the tractor is a 4WD with 40 hp will work.  The hydraulics is a standard ½ inch or 5/8 inch.  If you have a Kabota you may need your own ends.  We have John Deere ends and the standard is Pioneer ends. The link below has information on the 6 foot drill we have.


2014 seed distribution statistics

  • 2500 lbs of Round-up Ready corn (250 acres)
  • 200 acres of our Michigan Mix (corn, sorghum, sunflowers, and buckwheat)
  • 1000 lbs of grain sorghum (160 acres)
  • Nesting cover / native grass